Understanding customers’ needs are key to delivering safe, efficient and excellent service, and forms the basis four our long-term sustainable relationships. With almost 400 years of experience we know what our customers expect from us: the safest, most reliable and efficient logistics service possible. To make this happen, we aim to serve customers according to the safety and service standards that at least match but preferably exceed the standards of our key customers. Customers acknowledge our continuous efforts to improve our service quality and effectiveness. Our aim is to create long-term sustainable customer relationships at all our terminals.

In addition to our daily customer contact, each year we collect customer feedback via our Global Customer Satisfaction Survey. The survey offers us the opportunity to adjust commercial plans and initiate specific improvement actions in line with our customers’ requirements and needs. In this way, our customers largely define the initiatives we take to further improve our relations with them. In addition, we keep training our staff to sharpen their service focus.

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