Be aware of Storage Spoofing We TANK STORAGE BEHEER B.V make it clear to the public that here is our official website [] any other fraudulent storage propositions by people who refer to BEHEER B.V is a fraud and will not accept any responsibility.
About Us


From storage and production, to IBC filling, drumming and warehousing. Beheer bv Tank Storage is a global provider of responsible logistics solutions. We own and operate midstream and downstream facilities for bulk liquid chemicals, oil and refined petroleum products. Safety and efficiency are keywords for all our activities.


We are confident of achieving our goal since our activities are founded upon a sound risk management philosophy that involves ensuring a healthy and responsible balance between taking advantage of opportunities and fostering an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit while managing risks to acceptable levels. This way, we strive to minimize any negative impacts on society and to secure a sustainable future for BEHEER B.V


BEHEER’s group sales revenue is $224 million for the period July 2018 until June 2019.
BEHEER serves a wide range of customers including all the major chemical and petrochemical manufacturers.
BEHEER is a responsible community member involved in sustainable development activities in all the communities where we operate.
We strive to design and update our assets to minimize negative impacts on society.
BEHEER is compliant with applicable law and we follow the guiding principles set out in Responsible CareTM.
BEHEER B.V endeavours to conduct her activities according to the guidance set out in ISO 26000 on Social Responsibility and ISO 31000 on Risk Management.
BEHEER B.V is an active member of CDI-T (Chemical Distribution Institute – Terminals).
BEHEER B.V uses Total Quality Management and ISO 9001 systems to ensure continuous improvement in everything we do.

Liquid Bulk

We provide independent liquid bulk storage capacity in Europe. Our Rotterdam terminal is one of Europe’s most modern terminals.

Logistical Services

We provides logistical services such as freight forwarding, shipping agency and transportation services enabling our customers to further optimize their value chain.

Break Bulk

Together with our fit-for-purpose equipment and experienced staff BEHEER B.V aims to increase its future break bulk handling activities in Europe.

Dry Bulk

Operations involve the loading and unloading of ocean-going vessels, coasters, barges, trains and trucks as well as large-scale open-air and covered storage.