Be aware of Storage Spoofing We TANK STORAGE BEHEER B.V make it clear to the public that here is our official website [] any other fraudulent storage propositions by people who refer to BEHEER B.V is a fraud and will not accept any responsibility.

Connections for barges, ships, trains and trucks. Flexible operating hours and fast loading and unloading times. On-site customs agents, document processing, and laboratories. All our sites are set up to make loading, unloading, and storing your product a quick and hassle-free process.

Our storage facilities are aimed at meeting our customers’ exact needs. A wide range of tank sizes allows you to select the ideal fit and keep costs low. Heated tanks, refrigeration and storage under nitrogen ensure the quality and preservation of delicate goods. We believe in long-term partnerships and are more than willing to invest in extra facilities or infrastructure on-site, should you require any customized solutions.


Storage, production, drumming, IBC filling and warehousing. BEHEER B.V’s storage terminal and production sites are true one-stop shops that simplify your supply chain and optimize your total costs.

We keep a close relationship with our customers to make sure we meet their every need. From custom built solutions on-site to document processing and labelling. Our flexible company culture allows us to quickly respond to any requests and put our customers needs first.