What we do

Beheer operates bulk liquids storage terminals in key strategic ports. We own and operate specialized facilities including product tanks, jetties, truck loading stations and pipelines, and provide access to road and rail networks. In many instances, we store our customers´ products for extended periods at our terminals, often under strictly specified conditions such as controlled temperatures. Vopak also blends components according to customer specifications.      

At the heart of  Beheer’s business model is the economic principle to provide the common infrastructure to many different customers and to benefit from economies of scale and utilization rates. We focus on our core activities, thereby enabling our customers to focus on their own core activities. Our customers also benefit from the flexibility provided by purchasing independent storage services as needed, i.e., the ability to use customized contract durations.

Beheer is focussing its network on four types of terminals:

  • Industrial terminals in the Americas, the Middle East, and Asia;
  • Terminals facilitating growth in global gas markets;
  • Import distribution terminals in major markets with structural deficits;
  • Hub terminals, supporting intercontinental product flows;